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Congrats on you finally making the decision to live your purpose as a wyse woman, intuitive healer and spiritual midwife.! I am delighted to see you manifesting your life long dream in the community that has benefitted so much from your selfless work over the last decade. Your community is lucky to have your Light!


Dear farmer Yon,

The past five years has been an incredible journey for me . Being on the basket program ad eating local food and eggs from local farms has informed my life and genetics in ways people might not understand .

When I tok your herbal immersion couse last year, I thougt it would be the same ole same ole studying symptoms and herbs that work, but you showed me what holistic healing really is. Imagine how I felt when I was abe to recognize my energy centers for the first time and make a connection between the pain in my body and its emotional origins. I can now see and understand more of my life purpose, my ancestors and will create that space in my life to listen and immerse with nature. The tools you have shared for spiritual growth are invaluable. Thank you for being in my life and for informing my own journey from individual /operating in silo to becoming a comunity artist working for the higest good of all, with deep respect and sensitivity for all cultures.

Herbally immersed Artist extraordinaire

Dear farmer Yon,

Thank you for sparkin us up and for giving of your gifts so selflesy in the community for more than a decade. I am now crafting lip balm,beeswax candles and working with the herbs with much more confidence than when I signed up for the immersion weekend. It's more than creating products for sale. Now, I can also hear the voices of the african drums.

Love you Mama.

Herball immersed crafter

Dear farmer Yon

I just want to share how your food heals my heart, joints and bones. Your simple cooking and healthy recipes,beverages and healing eas are to live for. Thank you for cooking for us with your radiant energy and for infusing our foods with love each time. Nobody has to dig deep to find your gift and purpose to this community. We have all benefitted from your dedication to growing nutrient dense foods and helping others to achieve a healthy lifestyle without much efforrt. Please continue to feed us!

Holistic Chef

“iI'm so excited that you have created this for us Yonnette! Looking forward to the course with much excitement." Thank you for putting me in touch with my ancestors and cultural spiritual practices so I need not see myself through the eyes of another. Learning about the AINU people from Japan has been an eye opener for me as was learning to create my family tree and creating my home altar.

Herbally immersed greenheart

Im so lucky to have spent the last three years learning about foods and herbs with Ms Fleming. When I first started working in the market I was 14 years and afraid of getting dark from the sun. I've grown into a strrog man who understands the sun provides vital nutrients. One who is able to cook food, harvest herbs for the communitys health,pair foods with herbs naturally , ALL WHILE EARNING A STIPEND. I WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU TAUGHT ME MS FLEMING.

Youth Intern- Age 17 years old

I came to wok on the farm after trying to get pegnant for many years, By the time the season had ended my dream of motherhood became amplified by the special Goddess tea farmer yon crafted and visualizations. There was something wondrful growing in my belly. It was so naturally magickal that I can't even believe it to this day.

With gratitude to farmer Yon for her nature intellience.

Market Volunteer

Thank you for all youve taught me Farmer Yon. My baby aloe that you taught us to deliver that summer night from your mama aloe is growing bigger everyday and seems very happy. I now sing songs to Yemaya and remember the fishermen and river heritage that is part of me. Oh how I miss the farm and your Love!

Farm volunteer

Hey farmer Yon,

Yesterddays solstice ritual was super nourishing. Thank you for holding and creating Sacred altars for al of us. I lloved dancing,painting. and honoring the strengths of my ancestors. I really appreciate your positive worrds and incredible energy.

Farm sculpturist

Dearest Yon

It occurred to me just the other day, that it might have taken us another decade to find land,sacredly intention it ,negotiate its use . I want to say thanks on behalf of all who forget to say thanks in their eagerness to partake of this beautiful space you offer with humility and grace. It is a place that calls us to go inward to find our truest selves.


Dear farmer Yon, when I first met you I was afflicted by asthma. Life was difficult as I was struggling to breathe,much more be alive. Introducing me to nettles and other ways of being that promote health was the best gift I could receive. Im breathing much freer now and am really understanding what a life free from suffering and disease actually means.


Dear farmer Yon

Thank you for the pickled thyme . I didn't really know that a jar of your pickles could be big medicine until I emptied it into a pot of soup and ffelt myself coming alive after eating it. Your light is needed in this world.

And thanks for last night's reiki session.

Your syster

Dear Yon

When I realized I could add a testimonial I thought I'd surprise you.

Thank you for healing my animal companion who was suffering from mange and was in great pain. I remember seeing you tending to the chickens and giving them herbal teas so I thought I'd stop by, although dogs are not allowed in the garden to ask for your help. When you brought out your tarp and went to work on Miles with your grandmothers recipe for mange and treating defeathered chickens, I knew that you were a big light in this community. I no longer live in Bedford Stuyvesant but send all my friends to come volunteer with you. Miles is all healed now, and i am sure he will always remember your kindness 8am that morning when we were on our way to the dog park.

love and Light always!



Im so happy I found you,shining your light in the garden.

I miss your drum journeys and ancestral rituals that gave so many of us reconciliation and hope for the future.

Keep on keeping on syster! I hope you're writing away and recording more spiritual tools for the world

You are with us always!

Thunderclouds - Spiritual seeker

Reignhawk my dear

You make me so proud! Just the way you stand in your beauty and truth is fierce.

Hope you are well and are receiving as much Love as you give to the world!

With deep admiration

Oshuns daughter

Dear farmer Yon

Last nights circle was out of this world. I mean weve had a sleuth of spiritual teachers and healing experts visit us, but hearing you speak was MINDBLOWING!!! I am heading out to the herb farm with a group of women this summer. I'll check your website often to see when your seasonal celebrations are . Cant wait to see the new healing pyramid and to eat the high vibrational foods and herbs that are grown there this year!


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