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Herbalism Immersion Course 15 hrs

MAY 16th 2015 9am to 5pm

MAY 17TH 2015 9am to 6pm



COST $300

Includes workshop materials,tinctures,teas & meals.

Details - This two day course(15 hours) helps build a strong healing foundation for those considering herbalism,plant and animal reiki or other forms of Earth healing-

We strongly believe that knowledge of local medicinal plants is essential for all people, and that herbal medicine is a core component of cultivating community resilience.

Wellness and disease will be addressed from a holistic perspective, taking into account the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of each person.

Please Download your 2015 application here: Application deadline MAY 1st 2015


Welcome to Herbal Immersion:

This is a mandatory course for people who intend to register for our HerbalWyse Level 1 Course:

Participants are invited to spend this introductory weekend immersing and grounding themselves in plant realities.

The immersion weekend will take place at the Hattie Carthan educational Herb farm - 49 Van Buren Street, between Tompkins and Troop in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn.

The weekend intensive begins and ends with A Plant council and drum journey with the herbs growing in the farm space.

Over the two day immersion course, we will delve into :

Plant purification methods and processes

Healing as ones planetary responsibility

Journeying and dreaming with Plants as a method for cultivating intelligence.

Intuition, what it is and practises for developing intuition around herbs and medicine

The major energy centers and their role in Healing

Meeting the inner healer

How healing Works

Photosynthesis /hormones

Pineal/Pituitary activation 2 powerful glands

Using the solar plexus and muscles to get an answer about the use of herbs

Connecting to The subtle realms

Opening the heart chakra to connect with all of Life

Meeting your plant spirit allies and healing ancestors

Stepping down your vibrational frequency to connect with the Plant realm

Understanding your attraction to herbs and re-membering your personal mission

Basic laws of energy and plant medicine healing


Learning about the implications of the words medicine/healing in the allopathic medical system.

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