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About Us
The Urban Bush Educator Project is a multidimensional compilation of ancient natural healing arts processes re-created by lifelong musician,plant medicine practitioner and  multidimensional healer Yonnette Fleming.

The multidimensional healing framework supports the creation of a healthy learning environment needed for embodying healthy community,creativity and community resilience principles.

As the perspectives and passions of this generation
shift toward a desire for higher levels of authenticity and well being on mental, emotional, intellectual, and energetic planes of living, they indicate our collective desire to attain new heights as a race of beings to live free
of pain, disease, fear, ignorance and domination.

It is our intense desire to help others re-member through re-presenting ancient information that may hold the keys for healing and transformation on levels never thought possible. Each course/process helps you unlock the abilities you have only dreamed of, and supports you in re-creating
yourself according to your desires.
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Course facilitator Bio - Yonnette Fleming
Labels:V.P Hattie Carthan community garden, Founder of the Hattie Carthan community market & herb farm, food advocate, urban farmer, Author, musician, Raphaologist:-plant and sound medicine practitioner, reiki master,ordained minister,circle facilitator, City farms trainer, community food educator, herbal wysewoman.
How Fleming describes herself:
Yonnette Fleming is a lifelong musician, writer, social change agent,earth steward,circle facilitator who is committed to the use of primal sounds and indigenous plant medicine as a vehicle for self-expression, heath and empowerment in humans.
Fleming has received degrees in Social Science/Letters /Women's Studies, Practical & Theory of music.Lifelong student of indigenous traditional healing systems.

Fleming facilitates highly interactive workshops in re-connecting to nature,Raphaology (interactive diagnostic therapy) , phytonutrition, food security/sovereignty, food justice, gardening, practical uses of herbs,herbal medicine making, herbal healing, herbal journeying,herbal wildcrafting,soil health,decaying arts, aromatics, aromatherapy, Reiki attunements I, II, III, drum journey meditations, percussion circles, nurturing creativity, nature art, nature writing, clearing energy blocks for personal evolution, inner child healing,  chakra clearing and re-balancing , aura cleansing ,boundary work and more.
The visionary has instigated intentional dialogue, orchestrated large group healing rituals and percussion circles for over two decades in various communities and began playing the piano at age 3 years old. She aspires to bring about lasting social change by organizing community based education initiatives which help increase awareness about changemaking,community resilience, preventive health, health disparities, food insecurity, hunger and poor nutrition in low income communities.
Fleming  became a reiki master and trained aromatherapist crafting small batches of herbal products from local plants and teaching herbalism in a range of community settings since 2001. In her healing practice she works with the psycho-spiritual aspects of plant medicine and leads Plant Teacher classes exploring the physical and psycho-spiritual properties of the plants.
Flemings unique synthesis of raphaology,ancestral healing work,reiki,energy medicine, feng-shui,holistic farming and shamanic drumming deeply shapes her view of the world and approach to healing and working with plants.
She has worked to grow food and advance community resilience to the issue of food insecurity through educating and increasing access to  fresh and local food in the Central Brooklyn community since 2003. Flemng is the first herb farm to create LEARNING HERB GARDENS, to offer TEACH INS for community residents, to create a live apothecary with an oceanic theme, to add  passive energy inputs and utilize Sacred geometry to increase farm yield,seed germination rates and freqency vibration of the outdoor space. Over 100 herb varieties call the educational farm home. 

Life work:

Fleming grows her community’s health and cultural wealth through revitalizing urban blighted land and engaging community members in sustainable  living projects, by engaging youth in urban agriculture work and advocacy, offering disparity , gardening ,nutrition and ecology workshops, intergenerational community talking councils, percussion circles and culinary festivals.
The Hattie Carthan community garden where Fleming donates her services currently serves 40+  low income families who subsidize their food budget at home by growing food, provides a weekly fresh food basket to over sixty local families and seniors over the market season  and indirectly serves thousands of people who visit the garden , farm  and two markets to buy fresh food or learn from our educational programs each year.
Fleming has worked with community gardeners and volunteers to vision and revitalize two urban parcels of land where she created  and manages an educational herb farm, 2 community markets  and urban agriculture technologies. She also created the Hattie Carthan Urban agriculture corps for teenagers  in 2010 and has worked to address the issue of ageism and the lack of meaningful youth involvement opportunities in urban agriculture through the creation of programs that offer youths of color tools for their resilience and organization.
The teenage urban agriculture youth corps delivers hands-on training to youth in growing food ,basic herbalism, livestock management and  the mechanics of owning and operating a community food venture. Her educational programs reflect the unique needs of the gardens aging population and are at the hallmark of the Hattie Carthan community garden/herban farm and two community based markets where Fleming has served for 13 years.
Fleming currently teaches Food justice at the NYC Farm school, an institution she helped to vision and currently serves on the Farm School advisory board.

Relevant Education -
Shamanic drumming/West African drumming,principles of movement/musical entrainment - 1996 -2000
Sacred Synbols & The Art of Mandalas - 1999
Native American Spirituality & practise - 2000 New York Open Center
Fellowship of Light - Goddess Spirituality - 1998-2000
Raphaology (plant,color and sound medicine practitioner )1991- 2001 Universal College of Indigenous Medicine
Aromatherapy - 2001 - New York Open Center
Feng Shui practitioner - 2003 - New York Open Center
Reiki master - 2001 - Francena Hancock (Attuning master)
Spiritual humanism ordained minister - 2001
Resident farmer/herbal medicine practitioner -2003- Present
Hattie Carthan garden/herban farm
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