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A TIME FOR HEALING LONG PRINT COPIES HAVE ARRIVED. THIS BOOK was originally published in 2007 but we believe its time is NOW.

Get Your Copy of our precious book or a CD Healing Tool Today.

Please Support The RampUp of our Precious Farm located at 49 Van Buren Street Brooklyn NY so we can build capacity for the Work of  Resilience, Pathology Release and Heart Centeredness. Tell the Healers in your circle about how this farm was created from a brownfield by many willing souls and designed by Herbal wyse woman/Osainista Yonnette Fleming .

Urban Bush Arts Will Resume on Farm in the Fall of 2021

Past Ritual work Included

Heal from Betrayal Workshops - May 2015

Drum Healing workshops - June 2015


The Urban Bush Educator is a sovereign experiential /educational EMPOWERMENT process created from the belief that all people have the right to live in alignment with Natural Law, which supports creation and the balance of LOVE,FREEDOM and PEACE. 

We see healthy community as a collective regenerative body honored and supported as a whole system comprised of living organisms endowed with; the right of will,the freedom of expression of such will in fulfillment of their purpose of creation.

We believe that all people hold cellular memory of a time where people lived in harmony with themselves, the environment and the living Earth and know that we all can play a role in naming and reversing the phenomenon of oppression, sickness, miseducation ,climate change ,colonization, greed and domination through taking responsible action to Heal from betrayal and other organized collective action .


We realize that although oppression is upheld through institutional and structural bias, we can dismantle and discharge the internalized aspects that plays into the larger systems, by taking back our minds,bodies and Spirits. 


Our processes are fully experiential and unearth ancient understandings of self-sustainance , employ indigenous plant,sound and energy healing rituals that help humans achieve well being through re-membering , overcoming FEAR and discharging TRAUMAS.

Regardless of where we live :- a poor rural village of a third world country, or a tiny apartment in the South Bronx or Brooklyn it is our natural birthright to receive natural education which involves caring for ones self and others and living in harmony with the seasons and living systems . It is our birthright to have the time and space needed to learn about natural cycles in order to take responsibility for our wellbeing. This experience is not just for the privileged or wealthy.

The Urban Bush Educator is the conscious creation work of multi-dimensional healer/raphaologist Yonnette Fleming and is inspired by her connection to the "Bush peoples of our world" (first tribes/ nations of civilization), THE GREAT SOURCE and a lifetime of experiential liberation work with the plant, animal, rock, human and Spirit realms. 

Each course offering is a gift to the "Soul" and supports ones natural abilities in practical,grounded ways. 

We are a sovreign educational collective which advance higher forms of thoughts and consciousness for living free from suffering,pain and re-connecting to living systems.

Our embodiment processes help build community resilience through working with plants in the urban landscape to achieve health and well being.

Consciousness range:

Food as medicine,Heart centeredness, Forgiveness and Reconciliation,Decolonized Love,Earth justice and planetary stewardship, UNLEARNING and discharging the pathology of Racism/White Supremacy, Recycling Arts, Anchoring Light Energy in our Food, Mind/Heart calibration, Inner Geographies, community council work, High vibrational Food Arts, seasonal living , spiritual nutrition, Body Intelligence,Bush arts therapy, energy medicine, ritual work, intuitive herbal healing and sound healing. 

Special processes and workshops can be custom tailored to fit your communal needs. 

Our teaching collective is able to deliver workshops,drum circles, healing processes in comunal settings with various populations and ages.

Most offerings and processes occur in the outdoors and in our dream lodge . We believe that nature is the best teacher and healer and embrace the outdoors as our "Church and School" Classes are periodically offered indoors during inclement weather.

Please join us as we deepen our committment to facilitating this vital information to our human family in the U.S where White Supremacy has penetrated all of our societal systems.

WE congratulate you on the decision to unfold into the multidimensional being that you already are!

We intend to spread our message,healing circle work and vital tools in communities around the world in the coming years. Our Farm and Markets are now in Bedford Stuyvesant where the traditional african centered consciousness finds itself in a global pandemic.

Why and How our Healing farms, apothecaries ,community processes and Churches of the Soil will help our World?

We are Lighthouses for many movements. Since creating the Urban Bush Educator Project in 2009, many people of color have set out to start a healing justice movement. Herbalists are popping up everywhere and everyone is in a hurry to make a product and get it sold.. 

In every corner of the world, people are huddling to find out and learn what ancient people have understood for years about creating a healthy community. Deep inside we know there is a way to create communities where people value happiness over consumption, nurture deep respect for the soil, grow food without chemicals, where extreme poverty and extreme wealth are considered an equal travesty to justice, where people understand their landscape or environment and can achieve wellbeing through utilizing healing plants and foods,where creativity and cooperation are cultivated as communal values instead of competition.

Our Work stands like a Lighthouse,so everyone can see our dreams clearly and many of our dreams resonate and have been adopted by young people who now are awakening to the Earth consciousness.

We are delighted to be Elders in the Great Work. We are delighted to have held our truth so high that others could hear ,see and follow.

Walk in Beauty on your Path

Our processes are created to foster community resilience and is particularly suitable for communities where:

Feminine Power and Leadership has been devalued and destroyed.

Nature has been paved over and a concrete jungle created. 

Policies are made to benefit the wealthy and further increase the wealth gap.

Housing Developments takes precedence over human/community development causing gentrification to override community self determination .

Fresh nutritious food and basic human services are not readily available to all community residents. 

Modern processed food diet is wreaking havoc on the health of its members causing over reliance on pharmaceutical drugs and destruction of the human core.

The environment is violent, dense and toxic and people have forgotten the basics of humanity or how to care for each other as a community.

Grassroots work has been suffocated by NGO's and large non profits, and grassroots leadership /decision making ability is discouraged

Health and social disparities and inequities exist

Food access and service programs are implemented without a community equity analysis.

Developers are not required to conduct an equity impact analysis similar to the environmental impact analysis before implementing development plans in a community.




Natural Law is a set of Principles that are considered inherent in all of nature (including human nature) and have universal application in determining human actions and conduct.


False Evidence Appearing Real


A curative effort on the part of Nature

The outward manifestation of a curative process in action. The body trying to rid itself of toxicity.


Natures healing plants known for putting sun's light,soil nutrients and water molecules into action inside the body.

*African Diaspora

The voluntary or forcible movement of African peoples from their homelands into new regions

Indigenous people

Descendants of the peoples who inhabited territories and countries prior to colonization and settlements.


A social system of meaning and customer developed by a group of people to ensure its adaptation and survival.


A form of invasion,dispossession and subjugation of people in the form of agricultural,urban or industrial encroachments.  


Refusing to accept the dominant ideology of subordinate status for target groups. Taking actions to redistribute social and political power more equitably.


A ritual is any action or established procedure that has meaning beyond its appearance.

Racial disparities

Gaps in services,rights,health care,access to food, access to land,businesses and economic models based on race


Energy,light,Intelligence,LOVE. Food is a dynamic force which interacts with humans on the physical body level, the mind-emotional level and the energetic spiritual level. It is our multidimensional nourishment that extends beyond the purely scientific view of conventional nutrition.

Disclaimer:The information and services provided in this Web site have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to replace professional care. Specific and implied results are not guaranteed.the information on this site is meant for educational purposes and is not intended to be construed as medical advice. Your self-care and your well-being is ultimately your birthright and sovreign responsibility. 

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